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 Youngsters at meeting with their Role Models

“My mother left me when I was a 1 year old baby… Recently she has found me and wants to stay in contact with me. I don’t know whether I should ask her to apologize or not? I believe I am not the only one in the Kyrgyz Republic with such a situation. What could you advice for hundreds of abandoned children and their biological parents?” - addressed the 16 years old girl from rural area of republic to Ms. Roza Otunbaeva during “the Brave way” national meeting of youth with their role models. Obviously, the question was astonishing and resulted into moment of silence in the hall full of people. The only female president in the Central Asia managed to give a fruitful and kind advice to the girl who was probably experiencing the biggest crisis of her life.


Roza Otunbaeva - ex-president of the Kyrgyz Republic, Salizhan Sharipov - the Kyrgyz astronaut and Atai Omurzakov - world known dancer were the youth role models who took part in the event. They all made our country globally famous with their achievements. People respect them, are proud of them and dream to be like them. They all come from rural areas and families but had to work hard to achieve their present stature.


The idea of gathering youth with their role models received strong support from the beginning. UNDP team understood advantages of that children can receive from the meeting with famous people of the Kyrgyz Republic, and benefit from their personal stories.


The event resulted in connecting vulnerable youth - with a difficult past - to their role models, who overcame similar difficulties and became successful in their lives.


Dream and never give up following your dream!


Youth received answers to many questions regarding meaning of life, values and how to achieve the goals. Role models told their life stories and gave the youth strong hope for their future.


 “Dream and never give up following your dream!” -this is the main statement, each role model advised their listeners.


Chynara Temirova
Expert for Peace and Development Dimension