Climate Change and Security in Central Asia

 Photo from meeting

Regional consultation meeting on Climate Change and Security in Central Asia took place in Bishkek on January 20-21. The meeting was organized by the UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub for Europe and the CIS in cooperation with the OSCE, UNEP and the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe with the financial support of the European Union and the Austrian Development Agency.


The main objectives of the Meeting was to discuss and agree with key stakeholders on the security implications of climate change in Central Asia, on geographical and sectoral hotspots and their intensity, as well as priority measures, to conduct a needs assessment for capacity-building in the field of climate change and security including climate change adaptation at the transboundary and regional level.


Welcoming the participants, Ms. Bekkulova J.E., Head of the Environmental policy of the State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, noted: “We would like the final report will include recommendations made by the delegation from the Kyrgyz Republic a month ago in Paris at the UN Convention on Climate Change to implement them at the national and regional levels. They include the rehabilitation and conservation of mountain ecosystems, including forests, rational use of water resources and the induction of water-saving technologies, early warning systems and preparedness raising of the state and the people to respond to natural disasters due to climate change and measures to protect population health because of global warming".


During the two-day meeting there was considered the report on the assessment of interconnection of security and climate change issues in Central Asia considering this problem in some mountainous and densely populated areas, the consequences of climate change on water resources and ecosystems, prepared within framework of the “Environment and Security” (EnvSec).

At the same time, Mr. Johannes Stenbaek Madsen, Head of Operations Section of the Delegation of the European Union in the Kyrgyz Republic, noted: “Climate change is a major challenge for the sustainable development of all countries, and therefore in December 2015 there was adopted the Paris Agreement, according to which each country should develop a set of measures on adaptation to climate, change and prevention these changes, and we believe the future plans will have no less ambitious than the current. Given document is the regional approach, which will help to solve issues concerned to climate change and security in the Central Asian region”

“UNDP in the Kyrgyz Republic work in the field of climate change and security with a number of donors and partners on development, including the OSCE, the European Union, the Government of Japan, especially in the field of emergency situations and liquidation of their consequences. And this document monitors the interconnection of climate change and security given the specificity of the Central Asia countries. Also emphasizes the need for common regional efforts to the solution of priority issues”, - said in the opening speech Mr. Alexander Avanessov, UNDP Resident Representative in the Kyrgyz Republic.

In the result of the meeting it was discussed and agreed with key national and regional stakeholders, including identified next steps to finalize the report and capacity building on climate change and security in Central Asia.