Sustainable Development

The world is changing and we are changing with the world! In May 2015, UNDP in the Kyrgyz Republic launched a new dimension called ‘’sustainable development”. The new dimension combines the two previous programmes on environment and energy and the socio-economic development.  This decision is in line with the ideas and plans of a new UNDP Strategic Programme for 2015-2017.  As concerns   the vision of a new dimension, it is of key importance in overcoming the critical problems in sustainable socio-economic development, environment and energy areas and in communicating the need for transition to sustainable development.


The previous programmes have played a key role in creating and improving the understanding of sustainable development in the country. During their work the two programmes have achieved considerable progress in sustainable development of the Kyrgyz Republic.  The programmes have provided extensive support in developing of the National Sustainable Development Strategy of the Kyrgyz Republic for 2013-2017 and a number of other strategic papers. The new dimension will continue this work both on macro- (consultations on policy development) and micro-levels (grass-root activity) through piloting. At the macro-level the dimension will support the sustainable development priorities by assisting the Kyrgyz Government   in formulation and implementation of policies and strategies that will contribute to socio-economic development of the poor, sound nature management and respect for the environment.  


In this regard, the dimension will actively participate and promote the   analytical work to provide technical and expert support for policy developers and decision-makers to make better-informed decisions.


In October 2015, world leaders unanimously adopted a new sustainable development agenda till 2030, which is called Sustainable Development Goals. UNDP through its environment and socio-economic development programmes has taken active part in achieving the Millennium Development Goals and the sustainable development programme will further advance this global development agenda. The mandate of the new  dimension offers an opportunity  to address sustainable development issues more comprehensively  and clearly focus its support to the  Government and civil society efforts to  reduce  poverty through economic empowerment of  the poor, especially women,   support of income generating activities and ensuring  access to  financial services, implementation of  low emissions and climate-resilient  strategies, biodiversity conservation as well wider use of renewable energy sources.  As a saying goes that “One soldier in the field is no warrior” our programme will actively involve the UN global development network, international organizations, donor organizations and civil society in addressing of these issues.