Peace and Development

Peace and Development Programme (PDP), UNDP contributes to the strengthening of national processes and institutions aimed at improving the capacity of society to prevent conflicts. In particular, PDP cooperates with national government bodies, advisory committees (of the world), and the civil society in order to strengthen their capacity for conflict analysis and early response at the district, provincial and national levels, for the effective and systematic prevention/conflict management. Activities to reduce tension between the residents of the border communities of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan promotes cross-border cooperation by supporting the work of cross-border working groups.


UNDP “Peace and Development” Programme has been implementing projects in the Kyrgyz Republic since 2003. The adoption in 2000 of the #1325 Resolution of the UN Security Council recognized importance of promoting gender mainstreaming at all stages of the peace process, including peacekeeping, peace-building and post-conflict reconstruction. One important component of the activities of the UNDP Programme “Peace and Development” is supporting of national implementation of # 1325 Resolution of the United Nations Security Council. The program will support the empowerment and active participation of women in peace-building, as well as in all aspects of conflict prevention at local and national levels.


According to the new programme document, UNDP Program “Peace and Development” implements its activities in five areas:

  1. Support key national bodies in developing and implementing public policy in the field of conflict prevention and risk management;
  2. Support local self-governments to reduce tensions on the national and local levels;
  3. Assist the youth to acquire skills of civic participation in peace-building;
  4. Increase the capacity of the media in the field of sustainable development and in the promotion of ethnic and cultural diversity;
  5. Development of the transboundary cooperation for sustainable peace and development.


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