Disaster Risk Management

Three mutually supportive governmental and international processes converged in 2015: adoption of Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and launch of dialogue for developing national long-term strategy and action plans in DRR sector. These processes therefore made the year of 2015 pivotal and disaster risk reduction pervasive in future development.


While above processes were specific to the work of UNDP in the Kyrgyz Republic in 2015, the whole picture of its work can be summarized as to following mutually supportive streams: (1) integrating DRR into development (2) building institutional and operational frames for risk management (3) strengthening national disaster risk assessment, early warning and response capacities and (4) facilitating an increased regional dialogue in Central Asia.


Goal: Support the Government towards shifting the focus of national and local DRR policies and practices from post-disaster response and recovery to comprehensive disaster risk reduction, synergetic with interrelated issues of governance, poverty reduction, sustainable development and conflict-related dimensions.



  1. Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction into sustainable development planning;
  2. Building comprehensive disaster risk assessment and monitoring system (risk governance) for risk-informed development planning;   
  3. Building capacity for disaster response and early warning;
  4. Strengthening regional cooperation in Central Asia. 


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