About UNDP in Kyrgyz Republic

 Baker Lady at Peace Fair, Osh

The UNDP country office launched its activities in the Kyrgyz Republic in 1993. Since that time, it has become a trusted partner in national development efforts to achieve real improvements in people's lives.

UNDP provides assistance to Kyrgyzstan in response to requests submitted by the country’s government. Based on constant consultations with the Government, civil society and other interested parties UNDP developed a new Country Programme Document (2012-2016) that outlines main priorities of cooperation between UNDP and Kyrgyzstan.

The programme is aligned with national priorities, such as maintaining interethnic harmony and public security, socio-economic development, reducing unemployment, public administration reform and environment protection.

UNDP efforts will focus on developing capacity of institutions and communities using analytical tools (NHDRs and MDG reports), human rights-, and gender equality-based approaches. Proposed programme will also incorporate youth issues as a cross-cutting component to enhance development outcomes for youth in different sectors.

In line with global practice, UNDP provides assistance to Kyrgyzstan in the form of grant financing only. In addition to our “core” resources, we emphasize identification of external funding for the host country from various sources, including UN member states, UN trust funds, bilateral donors, international financial organizations and foundations. Specifically, UNDP strives to attract new or additional grant funding for Kyrgyzstan in areas where the national strategy and the UNDP mandate overlap.


 Restoration of irrigation in Kara-Suu, Naryn

What do we want to accomplish?

  • Accelerate pro-poor development, good governance and environmental sustainability objectives in close partnership with government, civil society, mass media, the UN system, the private sector and donors.
  • Raise awareness of and capacity in cross-cutting themes such as conflict prevention, disaster risk reduction, gender equality and respect for human rights.
  • Ensure that the UN system is perceived as a single effective team in Kyrgyzstan even while we (UNDP) respect and understand the diversity of the mandates that the members of the UN Country Team represent.

Who are the decision makers?

Decision-makers among our partners

National ownership and equal partnerships are the foundation for UNDP operations on the ground. UNDP ensures that the design and implementation of all programmes and projects responds to national priorities and that they remain flexible to respond to emerging needs. All UNDP programmes and projects have national partners, government bodies that work in related sectors.

The Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP), the main framework for UNDP cooperation in the country, is signed by the Prime Minister.

UNDP decision-makers

The Senior Management Team of UNDP Kyrgyzstan includes Resident Representative Alexander Avanessov, Deputy Resident Representative Aliona Nikulita, Operations Manager Saltanat Dospaeva, Assistant Resident Representative Erkinbek Kasybekov and Senior Policy Adviser Leonid Komarover. The team is responsible for the strategic direction and management of the country office.