UN representative awards government of Kyrgyzstan for child mortality reduction

 Kyrgyz PM Sariev is accepting award from UNRC Avanessov

The UN representative, Alexander Avanesov, has awarded the Kyrgyz government in the person of Prime Minister Temir Sariyev for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal of reducing child mortality on December 18.


Avanesov noted that Kyrgyzstan has improved its ranking on the human development indicators to five positions. The country planned to reduce child mortality rate in the fourth millennium and the mortality was reduced by 1.78 times, he added.


"2015 was significant in that sense that we are summing up the past millennium and setting goals for the future. The program of 2030 in 18 areas related to children's health, children's rights was adopted in the 70th of the United Nations Assembly," said the UN representative.