Representation of both genders means equal opportunities in the decision-making


A two–day workshop “Gender rating of political parties: achievements, challenges and prospects” was held on October 6–7, 2016 with the financial support of the Government of Romania and the United Nations Development Program.

Gender rating of political parties of the Kyrgyz Republic is a system of public monitoring of activity of parties in the Kyrgyz Republic in order to assess gender sensitivity of these parties during a certain period of time. The rating is based on the four key dimensions: the level of democracy and openness of parties, the level of gender sensitivity of party documents and activities, the “gender portrait” of parties in the media as well as the public opinion on the promotion of gender issues by the parties.

The workshop was attended by the members of party political councils, its regional branches and political party activists. The main objective of the workshop was to inform the political party members of the results of the gender rating of political parties of the Kyrgyz Republic as well as increase their awareness of the importance and promotion of gender issues in their work. During the workshop the participants received knowledge of the general concept of gender and gender relations as well as the overall gender situation in the Kyrgyz Republic. The main outcomes of the gender rating of political parties and the party gender assessment were also presented.

Ms. Sarina Kanymetova (Bir Bol political party): “It is common knowledge that the number of women in Parliaments of many countries is much smaller than that of men. This means that there is still no equality of opportunities, despite the fact that we are living in the 21st century. At present a lot should be done to overcome the stereotypes of the “place” of women which is mostly the “kitchen”. I hope very much that the participants in the workshop understood one important thing, i.e. that the representation of both genders means equal opportunities in the decision making, as the second half of the mankind also has its own needs”.

“I believe that gender equality in the Kyrgyz Republic should be promoted. We would be happy if similar workshops are conducted in the youth wing of the party, as it has many women. Everyone should know the importance of promoting gender issues”, this is the opinion of Mr. Temirlan Askerov (Respublika–Ata Jurt political party).

The research on the gender rating of political parties is conducted by the “Agency of Social Technologies” Public Association within the UNDP / UNICEF project “Women as peaceful voters and candidates”, the project is supported by the UN Peace Building Fund. At present the analysis is conducted and the results of previous five versions of the gender rating of political parties of the Kyrgyz Republic are published as well as the rating of famous women–politicians, more detailed information is available at