16 teams created prototypes of IT products aimed at combating discrimination and violence


On October 20 - 22, 2017 the Hackathon of social projects "Safe City and Safe Environment" was held in Bishkek, where more than 100 participants from Almaty, Kazakhstan and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, working together in 16 teams created prototypes of IT products aimed at combating discrimination and violation of human rights.

Haсkatрon is an innovative project dedicated to the development, to promote social responsibility in the promotion of web and mobile applications, to create a safe environment in which every person has the right to feel safe and confident, not be subjected to abuse, assault, robbery, theft, harassment; help in creating a tool aimed at the protection of victims in the justice system, including girls and women. The event was implemented by PF Open Line in partnership with the Greenhouse of Social Technologies, the American University in Central Asia and PF KG Labs with the support of the Sigrid Rausing Trust Fund and the UN Women in Kyrgyzstan.

Within 48 hours, the participants of Hackathon, in close cooperation with invited international experts and trainers from the largest Russian project on the interaction of NGOs and innovations - Greenhouse of Social Technologies, implemented ideas on the legal education of children and adolescents, to help women victims of violence, provide qualified legal and psychological assistance.

Each of the presented projects was evaluated by a qualified and independent jury on a 10-point scale in each of the criteria: social significance; feasibility; availability of digital technology components; progress achieved during work.

In this way, 3 teams were chosen as winners. Team Neobis 1, which became the winner of Hackathon, created an interactive map of the city, which helps citizens to track in which areas are committed certain crimes. By decision of the judging panel, the second place was taken by the team Chack Chack, which developed an interactive educational game that gives advice on behavior in crisis situations. The third place was taken by the team "School of Innovations - New Generation", presenting the project of a quick call of an ambulance. The Guardians team and its Quick Response Button project won the Audience Favorite nomination.

In the near future Public Foundation "Open Line" will conclude an agreement with the teams that took the first, second and third places for the amount of 75,000, 65,000 and 60,000 KGS for the completion of the winning projects.