#СуперАта: UNICEF launched a worldwide campaign to emphasize the important role of fathers in early development of children


BISHKEK/NEW YORK, 9 June 2017 – UNICEF launched a new campaign to celebrate fatherhood, and highlight the importance of love, play, protection and good nutrition for the healthy development of young children’s brains. David Beckham, Hugh Jackman, Novak Djokovic and famous fathers in Kyrgyzstan Mirbek Atabekov, Janar Akaev, Kairat Primberdiev, Ilyaz Abdrazakov, Semetei Sultanov joined the initiative #SuperDads #EarlyMomentsMatter.

“The main goal of this campaign is to remind everyone that you do not need to have super power to be a super dad: you need to play with your child, hug, love, protect and spend more time. The more fathers, mothers and other family members shower their babies and young children with love, play, good nutrition and protection, the better these children’s chances are of reaching optimal health, happiness and learning ability," said Yukie Mokuo, UNICEF Representative in Kyrgyzstan.  

According to UNFPA study, children and young people in Kyrgyzstan value the most these qualities of ideal fathers: kindness, respect, patience (90%), profit-making skills (40%), care and love (24%), masculinity, determination, strength (17%) and intelligence (12%).

"The UNFPA study in Kyrgyzstan revealed an interesting point. Boys, who felt the presence of their fathers, observed their participation in family life, show more respect to girls. These respondents consider their fathers to be a role model," said UNFPA Executive Representative Meder Omurzakov.

With more than 90 countries celebrating Fathers’ Day this month, the initiative invites families to post photos and videos of what it takes to be ‘super dads,’ using the hashtag #EarlyMomentsMatter on their Instagram and Twitter accounts.

In Kyrgyzstan, UNICEF and partners call families to publish photos and videos using the hashtag #СуперАта #СуперПапа #СпервыхДнейЖизни on their social network on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages from 12 till 18 June to inspire dads to spend more time with their children and support and encourage their fathers.

"As a father, I know how every smile, every positive word and action affects my child from the moment of birth. There are many problems that fathers all over the world face including Kyrgyzstan. I hope, this campaign will support Kyrgyz fathers so that they can be the super dads for their children,” said Janar Akaev, member of the Kyrgyz Parliament.

Studies show when children interact positively with their fathers, they have better psychological health, self-esteem and satisfaction with life in the long run.

"We need to break the labor and social barriers that deprive fathers and mothers of precious pastime with their young children," said Yukie Mokuo.

The #SuperDad initiative is part of the UNICEF #EarlyMomentsMatter campaign, which aims to increase understanding of how positive experiences in early childhood can determine the future health of children, well-being, the ability to learn and even how much they will earn when they grow up.

Gallery of photo and video materials with dads from all over the world: Http://superdads.hscampaigns.com/

As part of the "Responsible Paternity" campaign, UNFPA developed the "Ayay-Ata" magazine, where you can find a lot of useful information http://kyrgyzstan.unfpa.org/en/publications

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