UNIDO project’s Advisory board meeting took place


Bishkek, 10 November 2016 – UNIDO project “Promoting community level job creation and income generating activities through the development of cost-effective building materials production in Kyrgyzstan” today organized a panel discussion with the members of project’s Advisory Board, composed of representatives of Governmental offices, scientific-academic circles and private sector.

The discussion was focused mainly on the current progress of project implementation including the adaptable technologies such as the mud stabilized blocks through the dry pressing method as the walling material, a roofing material from the recycled used car tyres, thermo modified wood, straw-based panels, thermal modified concrete tiles with the natural fibers and sheep wool-based insulation material – in an attempt for the search for the innovative, cost-effective and environmentally friendly materials that can be produced locally from the available raw materials to be responsive for the needs of local population, in particular in the rural areas, in the affordable individual low-storey houses. As for the options for the technologies for rehabilitating the existing irrigation canals, the project is exploring the possibilities for appropriate solutions such as the concrete canvas, shotcreting and injecting joints.

One of the project’s partners is Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University (KRSU), where the project efforts are focused on development and strengthening of academic-technical capacity of this university in training the future professionals with architecture and building background. At this university, the project installed the equipment for producing the mud-stabilized blocks as an alternative to the manually moulded mud bricks. Undoubtedly, this equipment would be benefited by the students, researchers, scientists working in the area of construction materials.

Project is also placing an emphasis on public awareness about new construction materials and technologies. In this regard, UNIDO Technological demonstration center to be opened at KRSU in the near future, where the visitors can get and learn information about emerging technologies and practical business solutions about construction materials and housing and project achievements.


According to Mr.Marat Usupov, Head of UNIDO Desk office in Kyrgyzstan, this project can exemplify for the needs for services of UNIDO, which marks its 50 years anniversary of establishment on 17 November 2016.

The project has been implemented since 2014 with the financial support of Government of the Russian Federation. The project is thought to be one of initiatives across the country in the area of construction materials and to be a good basis, on which to step up the Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID), UNIDO’s approach to promote industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalization and environmental sustainability. Apart from adopting the technological solutions in production of the sustainable construction materials, the project is attempting to identify the local potential of using local raw materials in rehabilitation of piloted irrigation canals.