UNAIDS country manager Sarybaeva Meerim visited multidisciplinary teams


During her visits to MDTs Sarybaeva Meerim met with members of the teams, conducted interviews with clients and the management of the family medicine centers. Country Manager presented the administration of medical institutions the new approach of UNAIDS to expand the coverage of HIV testing, so that by 2020 90% of people living with HIV are aware of their status. Attraction of new partners with a wide audience is a very important step towards this goal.

The MDTs were created in 2013 to improve health and social services for people living with HIV.

Today, 500 people among PLHIV and their families receive services at MDTs. Multidisciplinary approach is one of the most effective methods of prevention of HIV infection and the development of treatment adherence among clients. Team formed from medical professionals and is complemented by a peer consultant from PLHIV community who provides constant access to key population groups.

In Kyrgyzstan, the project is implemented by a non-governmental organization "Araket plus", with the financial support of the programme of technical assistance to countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia in HIV/AIDS, STI and viral hepatitis area under the financial support of the Government of the Russian Federation.