UN Women presents a film "Cool Five" about young girls successful in their studies and lives

Беш Кыял2


In Bishkek, on 21 December 2016 at 16:00 at the cinema "Rossiya" UN Women will present a film "Cool Five" about young girls, who have achieved success at a university and their lives.

The film is about stories of five girls of diverse ethnicities coming from different regions of Kyrgyzstan, who were chosen by the most prestigious and modern university in Kyrgyzstan. During their studies the girls become friends and a close-knit team. They face challenges and get up before a choice, either to earn a university degree or launch successful start-up that brings. What choice do the girls make and what will happen at the end you will know by watching this film.

UN Women decided to use “innovative way” by using “positive deviants”, who regardless of existing challenges in the community are reaching success and acting as positive role models for youth of Kyrgyzstan.

The film will be screened among youth and the relevant partners, stakeholders to encourage public debate to promote change and development of more gender-balanced attitudes and relations aimed at achieving inter-ethnic and gender equality / empowerment of women, changing stereotypes about women and girls.

The film was shot in the Kyrgyz language with subtitles in Russian and English languages.

Starring: Turat Kasymbekov, Laura Omuralieva, Aizhan Kazakbaeva, Malika Abdyrazakova, Marzhana Kadyrova, Kanyshai Rysbekova, Arina Aparina, Begimai Usubaliev, Stepan Golovash, Urmat Borchenov and others.

For your reference: The film was produced by a creative association "Antares Creative Group" within the framework of the UN Women project "Building Constituency for Peace" with the financial support of the UN Peacebuilding Fund.