UN Women Kyrgyzstan Undertakes Mid-Term Review of Strategic Note

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On 10 and 11 November 2016 the UN Women Country Office in Kyrgyzstan conducted a Mid-Term Review (MTR) of its Strategic Note to analyse and reflect on the progress of the UN Women country programme and assess the continued validity of its strategy in the Kyrgyz Republic in the current context.

Over the course of these two days, participants engaged in a participatory process focused on analysing of lessons learned and experience gained to inform any necessary revision of the Strategic Note for the final year of the cycle, 2017, in line with country context and priorities. Formal consultations were held with the participation of key partners and stakeholders from state institutions, civil society and development agencies.

During consultations with the national partners, UN Women Kyrgyzstan reviewed its focus areas, discussed the theories of changes in its priority areas and mapped existing partnerships identifying strategic partners to achieve the change. On the second day, participants were introduced to the concept of innovation with discussions leading to identification of best practices. The participants worked on specific strategies to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment and shared innovative experiences and approaches. Theories of change were validated with participants and refined. Topical issues such as religious radicalization and challenges to women’s political representation were highlighted for UN Women’s increased attention. A focus on behaviour change based on evidenced approaches was agreed upon. Participants also recommended to strengthen partnerships between government, civil society and private sector to improve gender responsive service delivery, including specific services in GEWE area.

The objectives of the UN Women Kyrgyzstan MTR were:

1. Participatory analysis and reflection on the progress of the programme and the validity of UN Women’s strategy in the Kyrgyz Republic in the given social, economic and political context;

2. Review of theories of change for each of the relevant impact areas in a participatory manner;

3. Identify the strategic directions for the next Strategic Note period after 2017

4. Inform the development of the new UNDAF for Kyrgyzstan

5. Provide a context for engagement with partners and reflect joint work for gender equality and women’s empowerment issues

UN Women is one of the 15 resident UN agencies present in the Kyrgyz Republic. UN Women’s country programs are guided by its Strategic Note 2015-2017 elaborated through participation and open dialogue with the key stakeholders, and which is aligned with UN Development Framework (UNDAF) for 2012-2016, National Program on Gender Equality 2020 and its Action Plan for 2015-2017, and other national strategies and plans. During this period, the assistance and cooperation is planned in four strategic results areas of UN Women Strategic Plan 2014-2017, namely:

1. Women, especially the most excluded and vulnerable, are empowered to be actors in economic and local development;

2. Women and girls live a life free of violence;

3. Peace and security and humanitarian action are shaped by women’s leadership and participation; 4. Governance and national planning fully reflect accountability for gender equality commitments and priorities.