Key areas of the new State program to stabilize the HIV infection in the Kyrgyz Republic were identified


September 22-23 in Bishkek, the enlarged session of the Working Group was held on the drafting of a new State program to stabilize the HIV in Kyrgyz Republic for 2017-2020.

The working group includes representatives of the Ministry of health, international organizations, independent experts and members of non-governmental organizations that represent key populations. The group is headed by the Deputy Health Minister Gorin Oleg.

Thanks to the joint efforts key strategic directions for the future of the State program were set.

The basis for the programme is UNAIDS goals 90-90-90:

·         90% people living with HIV know of their HIV status,

·         90% people who know their HIV status, receive ART treatment

·         90% people receiving treatment have viral suppression, resulting in their immune system continues to remain strong, and the chance of infection decreased significantly

It is worth noting that the Government program would include goals and objectives to eliminate discrimination and reduce the number of new HIV infections in the country.