Ethno-cultural festival: For strengthening intercultural relations


Batken, The Kyrgyz Republic – On September 28, 2016 the ethno-cultural festival “We are Kyrgyz citizens” was conducted in Batken Regional Drama Theatre after A. Zhainakov, which was dedicated to the year of history and culture in the KR and was attended by more than 350 people.
Among the participants of the event there were members of the President’s office, representatives of the State Agency for Local Self-Government and Interethnic  Relations (SALSGIR), members of the Peoples’ Assembly of the KR in Batken oblast, Akims, members of the Public Advisory Council for Ethnic Affairs and the civil society representatives.

The main purpose of the festival was strengthening interethnic relations, promotion of national traditions and customs, as well as promotion of national handmade crafts products.

«Today we are having a nice holiday with the participation of different ethnicities residing in Batken oblast. This festival introduces the customs and traditions of all ethnisities of this multiethnic region of our country”-said the member of Peoples’ Assembly of the KR in Batken oblast, Kubanychbek Mashirapov . He also expressed a hope that holding such festivals will become a tradition.

The programme of the festival was also filled with the presentation of the research results on zones of ethnic tensions  in the KR conducted by SALSGIR. As it was announced, the final results of this study will be presented in early October during the briefing in Bishkek.
«The eradication of socio-economic  problems of the border communities of Batken region is still one of the most important issues in the region. Holding today’s ethno-festival is yet another contribution to the development and strengthening of inter-ethnic relations and supporting diversity, especially in the border areas of Batken oblast, » -said Secretary of SALGIR Sanjar Ikramov.

In addition, every person who did not remain indifferent to the results of the festival was given an opportunity to speak on the subject.
The festival ended with awarding persons who have made a contribution to the strengthening and development of inter-ethnic  relations in Batken oblast.

This event was supported by the UNDP project “Strengthening the capacity of LSG in peacebuilding” on the expense of the Peacebuilding Fund.

Mavliuda Khodzhaeva, UNDP Communications specialist