“My Safe and Peaceful School" Manual


“My Safe and Peaceful School" Manual is the key element of the last component, the concept of which was initially developed in 2012. “My Safe and Peaceful School” course was implemented in more than 100 schools within the UN Women project “Building a Constituency for Peace” funded by UN Peacebuilding Fund and from 2016 year is being implemented within the UN Women project “Livelihoods through participation and equal access to water” funded by the Government of Finland. From this book youth will learn about gender equality, human rights, the rights and duties of citizens as rights holders and state functionaries as duty bearers. It will also further train their mind to think analytically and assess the current situation in their school, university, or community in a balanced way, with a view to addressing, mitigating and resolving conflicts, and bringing about (as the title of this manual suggests) safe and peaceful schools, higher education institutions, and communities. By working in a team with five to fifteen peers (their friends or classmates) where each of them will have certain roles and responsibilities, they will learn how to build a team and work within it, a highly demanded skill-set. It also aimed at bridging ethnic differences by promoting equal opportunities for all ethnic groups, as well as forming of respect for different cultures of the united people of our multinational country.

The manual consists of 2 parts. The links to the manuals are available below:

In Kyrgyz (1 part)

In Kyrgyz (2 part)

In Russian (1 part)

In Russian (2 part)

In Uzbek (1 part)

In Uzbek (2 part)

The below manuals contain additional information on effective water governance:

In Kyrgyz (1 part)

In Kyrgyz (2 part)

In Uzbek (1 part)