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  • UNICEF announcing the position of the Health and Nutrition Officer (NOB) Fixed Term, Bishkek

    Health & Nutrition Officer provides professional technical assistance and support for programme/project design, planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and administration of programme/project activities, including data analysis, progress reporting, knowledge networking and capacity building, in support of achievement of planned objectives of the work plan, aligned with Health & Nutrition programme goals and strategy.

  • UNICEF announces the vacancy of Consultancy on Promoting M-Report Social Accountability Instrument

    UNICEF Consultancy on Promoting M-Report Social Accountability Instrument Enabling children and youth to participate on issues that matter to them and making sure that their voices are heard and acted upon are among UNICEF's strategies in promoting their rights. The Programme models various instruments and strategies in promoting such child and youth engagement. They vary from social entrepreneurship, formalized self-governances and youth-centered work to innovative arts, sports, technology and digital engagement. Current consultancy will help strengthening M-report, text and SMS-based instrument through drawing from global digital opportunities as well as through linking to the national policy frameworks.