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  • Youth in Kyrgyzstan champion gender equality and access to clean water

    Mar 12, 2018

    Youth in Kyrgyzstan champion gender equality and access to clean water

    To advance gender equality and promote safe and peaceful communities, UN Women has been mobilizing youth in seven municipalities across Kyrgyzstan. The project, titled “Securing livelihoods for vulnerable women, men and children”, connects youth with water associations, local governments and a variety of women’s groups

  • WFP Expands School Meals Programme In Kyrgyzstan

    Mar 12, 2018

    WFP Expands School Meals Programme In Kyrgyzstan

    The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is scaling up hot school meals to cover more than half of Kyrgyzstan’s primary schools over the next five years, thanks to a contribution of US$10 million from the Russian Federation.

  • Football against Violence, Crime and Drug Use in Kyrgyzstan

    Mar 12, 2018

    Football against Violence, Crime and Drug Use in Kyrgyzstan

    On International Women's Day, UNODC and FFKR hosted a Women's Football Tournament in Bishkek. 150 girls from Bishkek and various villages surrounding the Kyrgyz capital participated in the tournament, which was aimed at promoting civic values and disseminating the benefits of sport in keeping youth away from drugs, crime and violence.

  • The Government of Japan allocates US$6.2 million for improving maternal and child health, and drug control in the Kyrgyz Republic

    Mar 6, 2018

    The Government of Japan allocates US$6.2 million for improving maternal and child health, and drug control in the Kyrgyz Republic

    With the contribution of US$6.2 million from the Government of Japan, the Kyrgyz Republic launched two new initiatives on Strengthening Maternal and Child Health Care Systems, which will be implemented by UNICEF, and another on Supporting Drug Control, which will be implemented by UNODC.

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  • From UNDP to UNICEF, delivering as one
    Feb 26, 2018

    Reflections of the Chief Technical Adviser on Rule of Law upon leaving the UNDP Kyrgyz Republic after four years.

  • 5 tips from UNDP intern to stand out in an interview and join UN agency
    Feb 19, 2018

    I guess, this will be one of important telephone ring ever in my life. The call from my supervisor, Project Coordinator whereupon my internship began: in July 2017, I became an intern of the BIOFIN project of the UNDP “Sustainable Development” Dimension.

  • In south Kyrgyzstan, multilingual education is path to opportunity and inclusion
    Oct 24, 2017

    Having biology, history, and other subjects taught in three different languages might seem like too much of a learning challenge. But students at this secondary school in Kyrgyzstan’s southern city of Osh are tackling the challenge, and asking for more.

  • Kyrgyz mountain village is unlikely base for Australian child disability specialist
    May 29, 2017

    The number of children with cerebral palsy is several times higher in Kyrgyzstan than in Western countries. At a Soviet-era sanatorium, located in a remote mountain valley, an Australian paediatrician is introducing new approaches to prevention and rehabilitation.

  • In Kyrgyz mountain village hospital, UNICEF  helps resuscitators save child lives
    May 7, 2017

    ‘We don’t forget these cases’, says Dr. Arstanbek Karybekov. ‘When we save a child’s life, we feel such joy; the child’s family becomes our family.’ Thanks to a UNICEF-supported effort to bring down child mortality in Kyrgyzstan, he and his colleagues are now able to save lives they could not before.

  • Vitamin enriched flour to help prevent birth defects in Kyrgyzstan
    Mar 6, 2017

    Two-month-old Abdurahim was born with spina bifida and is awaiting surgery. The risk of birth defects such as these increases when a mother has a diet low in nutrients. In an effort to improve pregnant women’s nutrition, large mills in Kyrgyzstan are obliged by law to fortify flour with folic acid. UNICEF is working to help the Government enforce the law and raise awareness among mothers.

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  • First report on official development assistance in Kyrgyzstan
    Dec 28, 2017

    For the first time in Kyrgyzstan, a report monitoring the official development assistance (ODA) to the country’s health sector has been published. ODA is the assistance provided by the official sector, such as external partners, to promote economic development and welfare. ODA reports contribute to aid effectiveness and improve transparency.

  • Common Country Assessment for the Kyrgyz Republic
    Sep 24, 2017

    A Common Country Assessment (CCA) is a first step that the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) and country partners take when preparing for their next programming cycle. The CCA enables the UNCT and country partners to gain insight into the country context, identify development challenges and suggest where UNCT in the Kyrgyz Republic has a comparative advantage in supporting development priorities. Major challenges are addressed in the next step of the programming process - a multiyear United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) - that contains results and strategies for Government of the Kyrgyz Republic-UN cooperation.

  • UN Women presents a research on "Professional and Marriage Choices of Youth in Kyrgyzstan"
    Jul 12, 2017

    In 2015 and 2016, UN Women Kyrgyzstan having worked on girl empowerment and youth participation for a number of years saw an opportunity to prepare a cadre of young national researchers and facilitate them in conducting research on professional and marriage choices of youth aged 14 through 28 in Kyrgyzstan. The aim was to understand the prevailing knowledge, attitudes and practices of youth that results in structural and socially accepted discrimination against girls and young women, and to identify strategies to empower them to make informed choices on marriage and career.

  • A day in the life of a rural woman
    Jun 15, 2017

    This brochure provides insights into the everyday lives of women living in the rural areas of Kyrgyzstan, who despite the often harsh and drab realities of rural life continue to work heroically hard to improve their lives as well as those of others around them. Adopting a deliberately narrative approach, the brochure draws together stories of remarkably strong and yet at the same time soft women, whose bravery and confidence are inspirational to women and men alike and can serve as a proof of change for the better.

  • A study in the area of HIV in the Kyrgyz Republic
    Feb 20, 2017

    UNAIDS CO in Kyrgyzstan present a study in the area of HIV conducted in 2014-2015 years: “A study in the area of HIV in the Kyrgyz Republic” corresponds evaluation of the State programme on Stabilization of HIV epidemic in the Kyrgyz Republic for 2012-2016 as well as includes Continuum of HIV care on access to diagnoses, treatment and support for PWID/PLHIV. Moreover, the report contains recommendations for design concept and new strategy for period up to 2030.

  • A report on the results of optimizing Investments in Kyrgyz Republic’s HIV Response
    Feb 13, 2017

    UNAIDS CO is present a report on the results of optimizing Investments in Kyrgyz Republic’s HIV Response. This work is a product of the staff of The World Bank with external contributions. Note that The World Bank does not necessarily own each component of the content included in this work.